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MountDog – A passionate team that is dedicated to bringing you new and cool photographic equipment. We have a common understanding of the fine details and practicality of quality products and always support every product. Given the trend of social media, MountDog aims to provide cost-effective video and audio enhancement equipment for all customers, allowing people to create specialized studios with less money.

This is a vibrant multinational company founded in 2016, MountDog always listens to the customers, and constantly introduces new products based on a high-cost performance, from the initial set-top flash to the widely used LED on-camera lights. Now our ring lights are quite popular among beauty bloggers. There is no virtual high price here, only high-quality photography products that have been checked again and again. Everyone can start from MountDog to the first step of the peak.

Leading the current popular technology

We never follow blindly but are ahead of the current popular technology. Experienced technicians are developing and expanding our product portfolio to provide you with a one stop shop for a wide range of scenarios. Media content creators, amateur or professional photographers, here you can get all the complete equipment needed for content creation.

Do you think we will stop?

MountDog currently has a number of Amazon-certified best-selling products and has several branches on three continents. Do you think we will stop? We have seen a steady stream of new technologies and surprises, just for you, MountDog will never stop. We want everyone who picks up the camera knows MountDog!

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