Mountdog 10″ led 自拍环形灯带支架和手机支架可调光 3 种灯光模式,适合各种拍摄


Mountdog 10″ led 自拍环形灯带支架和手机支架可调光 3 种灯光模式,适合各种拍摄


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Product Description


MOUNTDOG is a professional brand, also manufacturer focus on the photography equipment, We continuely innovate and develop a series of professional productions(Ring light, light stand, camera, soft box, etc)for satisfying by photographer and enthusiasts indoors and outdoors, Mountdog developed ring light of different sizes for consumers(6”, 8”, 10” , 14”, 16”, 18” ring light), which can be selected in a variety of ways, using different ways in different occasions, such as selfie, live broadcast, photo taking, photography and so on.

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Flexible Phone Holder

The support part of the mobile phone holder is a metal hose, you can use it according to your habits or convenient angles. Metal hoses are not easily deformed and are not easily crushed by objects on the bracket.


Easy to Control

Simple and easy-to-understand icons bring you the ultimate experience, easy to control ring lights.


The Stable Tripod Stand

If you feel that the ring light is unstable when you put the phone in the phone holder, the light will slide down, you can try to lower the holder to the bottom.


How to Connect It

Turn on the ring light remote control, turn on Bluetooth in your phone settings, find AB Shuutter3 and click on it to connect.


Package List:

1 x 10″ ring light

1 x Phone holder in middle of ring light

1 x Metal desk tripod stand

1 x Rotation Head

1 x Bluetooth selfie remote control