MOUNTDOG 18″ 55W Bluetooth LED Ring Light Kit with Stand Dimmable 3200K/5500K YouTube Circle Lighting for Makeup Video Photography Blogging Portrait


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MOUNTDOG 18″ outer dimmable SMD LED ring light kit with 79 inches light stand, soft tube,Bluetooth remote (with carrying bag)

  • Flexible Soft Tube  The gooseneck tube is super strong but incredibly flexible.You can twist and bend it any way you like to reach certain angles you want.
  • Stepless Dimmable  Dimming knob design: Brightness is 1-100% adjustable makes it easier to control the brightness of light when shooting.
  • Color Filter  Comes with 2 color filters (White and Orange) which makes it easy to switch color temperature from 3200K to 5500K.
  • Charming Lighting  Enhance facial features under constant lighting; Make your eyes bright and draw the others’ attention instantly.

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Product Description

  • Dimmable 18″ LED Ring Light Kit with a wide dimming range from 1%-100%.
  • Special LED SMD design, lightweight and portable. Constant current drive, low power loss.
  • NO ultraviolet and infrared light radiation, low heat output, safety and environmental protection.
  • With reinforced flexible arm which will move freely and never droop.
  • Extra Long Cord and Heavy Duty Thumb Screws.
  • With plastic color filter set: Orange+ White
  • One Bluetooth remote control and soft tube. Adjust the angle you like. Set your hands free by remote control.

Widely Use




180° Adjustable light head to meet your different needs to take the decent photos.

Comes with a soft tube so you can adjust the angle of stand directly without swinging ring light. It helps to keep the stand and light be more stable.

360 degree rotation design is perfect for rotating your phone into vertical or horizontal without taking the phone out of the adapter.

MOUNTDOG 18″ Ring Light Kit 55W Bluetooth LED Ring light with Stand

Suitable for Camera,mirror and smartphone


Warm Light & White Light Design

Comes with 2 colors filter to change the light color.



Perfect For Your Make Up

Giving a better lighting to make your makeup more attractive






















PACKING LIST:1 x Soft Tube,1 x Power Cable,1 x Power Adapter,1 x 18” LED Ring Light,1 x Smartphone Holder,1 x 33″-79″ Light Stand,2 x Filter ( White & Orange),1 x Bluetooth remote control,1 x Portable Carrying Black Bag,1 x Hot Shoe Adapter ( compatible with camera & phone)

PLEASE NOTE:There are many adjustable point for this ring light kit. Please DON’T try to adjust forced without loosening the screw, Otherwise it will affect the use of the screw. Long time of Improper use will cause the screw to loosen and can not completely fix devices.


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