【Professional Design GoPro 9 accessories】Specially designed for GoPro Hero 9 Black action camera, the waterproof case is with 3-Pack Diving Filter Red/Pink/Purple, which is fits perfectly and is tightly sealed to provide ultimate protection for Go Pro during extreme outdoor activities, deep water diving, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports activities. Maybe this will be a perfect gift for the Christmas!
【High-quality GoPro hero 9 Waterproof Case】Made of high-quality PMMA plastic, the waterproof case lens is sturdy and durable enough to ensure clear shooting results and protect your GoPro lens and LCD display screen against high impact drops, dents and scratches. No worries when you are doing extreme sports, your camera will be fully protected. What’s more, compact size and light weight, make it convenient to carry your camera.
【45m/148ft Waterproof】With upgraded waterproof sealing ring and tight buckle, the waterproof housing case can avoid water leakage effectively. You can use Go Pro Hero 9 Black to record underwater activities at a depth of 45 meters / 148 feet without worrying about leaks. This will not destroy the recording effect clearly and vividly.
【3-Pack Dive Filter】 3-Pack filter provides outstanding color correction and improves contrast in various deepth underwater: The red filter can be used for snorkeling at a depth of 2-15 feet and is color-corrected in blue water or clear fresh water. The pink filter can perform scuba and free diving from 15-85 feet deep and perform color correction in blue water or tropical water. The purple filter is used for deep water 7-70 feet and fresh water color correction is green when it is above 7 feet.
【Quick Release Buckle Mount】The waterproof  case comes with a quick release buckle mount, which makes it convenient to attach your GoPro to other accessories such as tripod, bicycle mount, suction cup mount. With an integrated design, it is convenient and time-saving to install and remove. just need to open the case, put GoPro Hero 9 Black in and then close the protective case.