Mountdog Backdrop Stand 8.5ft X 10ft


Mountdog Backdrop Stand 8.5ft X 10ft


  • *BACKDROP STAND KIT INCLUDES: (1)8.5X 10ft/2.6X 3M Backdrop Background Stand Support System,(3)6x9ft/1.8X 2.8M Backdrops (White, Black, Green),( (4) 4.5″ Heavy duty spring clamps,(2)Sandbags,(1)Carry bag for backdrop support stand.
  • *PHOTO BACKDROP STAND SUPPORT SYSTEM:The background stand is made of aluminum alloy with a professional black stain finish, adjustable height from 2.7ft to 8.5ft and the width from 5ft to 10ft, Cross bar consists of 4 sections, making it simple to adjust the width to fit your needs, and the maximum load of the crossbar is 5KG.Comes with carrying bag for easy transport and storage.
  • *1.8X 2.8M BACKDROPS FOR PHOTOSHOOT:White, Black and Green;The backdrop is made of soft fabric, durable and good vertical sense. it can be dry-cleaned or even machine washed.With crossbar hole design allows to be draped or hung.Ideal item for portrait,commercial, interview, product photography, live streaming and digital photography.
  • *4xSPRING CLAMP&2XSANDBAG: 4.5inches backdrop clamps, maximum opening 2 inches. Strong spring clamp and the rough surface enable itself to clamp anything onto the stand tightly. Sandbag for photography Backdrop Stand, premium quality nylon, stabilize the backdrop support system.(Note: This bag is empty, please fill it with gravel or any other material to increase the weight.)
  • *耐用性、便携性和保修:专业重型照片背景支架套件,1.4 英寸直径管 – 更坚固耐用,非常适合在家、工作室或户外使用。如果您对我们的产品有任何疑问,请随时联系我们寻求解决方案。



 背景支架 8.5 X 10 英尺背景支架 6 X 9 英尺背景(白、黑、绿屏)

Mountdog 背景支架 8.5 X 10 英尺/2.6X 3M 背景支架支撑系统,带 6 X 9 英尺/1.8 X 2.8M 背景(白、黑、绿屏)

Mountdog 专业照片背景支架套件非常适合摄影爱好者、新手、半专业和专业摄影师。适用于影楼人像拍摄、视频拍摄、商业、采访、产品摄影、直播等。


*8.5 英尺 X 10 英尺/2.6MX 3M 背景支撑系统重量轻、耐用、坚固、稳定且可扩展,几乎适用于任何应用。


*高度可调最大 8.5 英尺。宽度可调最大 10 英尺。

*(3) 6 X 9ft/1.8MX 2.8M 背景(白、黑、绿)

*(4) 包含的背景剪辑为您的创作提供了额外的便利。



背景支架 背景支架支撑系统

*高度可从最小 2.7 英尺到最大 8.5 英尺可调。


6 X 9ft/1.8 X 2.8M 背景(白、黑、绿屏)用于人像产品、摄影

6 X 9ft/1.8MX 2.8M 背景(黑色、白色和绿色)将满足您的不同需求。三件底衣在包装内折叠,所以如果收到货后折痕比较明显,建议熨烫后再使用。

6 X 9ft/1.8 X 2.8M Backdrop(White,Black,Green Screen) for Portrait,Video Shooting


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