Ring light is one of the main light sources commonly used in live broadcasts. Not only does it come with soft light, the ring design can also ensure that the light is more uniform and natural. It is especially suitable for scenes that only shoot faces, so it is often used for live broadcasts. The hollow design can make more reasonable use of the space, placing a mobile phone holder or a mirror, and the power cord of the small ring light is a USB interface, which can be directly plugged into a computer or plug into a power bank. Ring lights have become a hot product in the live broadcast industry.

Ring light applicable scenarios

Let’s start with the applicable scenes of the ring light. It is often used for live lighting, makeup and beauty, portrait photography, still life photography, eating and broadcasting. For indoor shooting, generally there are certain requirements for the length of the power cord, too short length will limit the shooting.

If it is a ring light for carrying, it requires a strong battery life. Generally, this battery will be relatively large. I suggest that you can choose some USB rechargeable ring lights, which can be used for mobile power supplies, laptops, and PCs. , USB chargers and AC adapters and other devices.

Ring light size

Judging from the various sizes of ring lights, you must buy a slightly larger ring light, because the light of the small ring light is insufficient and the light supplement ability is insufficient. The thickness, height, and quality of the ring lamp bracket is very important, and the lamp bracket must be thick and strong. Because the lamp holder of the large-size ring lamp will be larger, the thick bracket is enough to support the lamp holder, and the whole ring lamp will not fall forward.

Pay attention to the stability of the mobile phone holder, and a 360° rotatable mobile phone holder can be used to facilitate the adjustment of the shooting angle. If you are worried that the ring light is not applicable to your phone, you can pay more attention to those Android/Apple compatible ring lights when you buy. As far as I know, some ring lights can be compatible with cameras and are good choices.

Adjustable ring light

The anchors’ shooting methods and shooting methods have their own merits, and the requirements for the color temperature and light mode of the ring light are also different at this time.

Generally, there are three lighting modes: white light, warm light and natural light. We often see lights of various colors appearing in many creative videos. In fact, ring lights can meet this requirement. In the past few days, I have checked many kinds of ring lights. Some ring lights have 16 colors. You can adjust them according to your preferences.

Some products have even grasped the controllable feature, providing a Bluetooth remote control light mode, freely adjusting the brightness, freely switching the color temperature, which is more conducive to our shooting.

Use of ring lights

I found a more generally applicable installation procedure in the short video, and I share it with you here, I hope it helps.

Ring light installation steps:

1) Tighten the fixing knob

2) Fix the lamp holder clamp rubber gasket on the lamp holder

3) Fix the lamp holder clip on the lamp holder

4) Tighten the locking system

5) Connect the screw port of the chair clip to the light holder clip

6) The ring light is fixed on the lamp holder interface

7) Tighten the fixing knob

8) Install the Vientiane hose phone clamp

9) Fixed on the card slot of the ring light

10) Tighten the knob

I think that in the use of ring lights, it is not limited to only one type of ring light. If you have high requirements for the overall picture quality, you can learn more lighting techniques to create a perfect visual light perception in many ways. At the same time, I recommend a relatively good ring light shop-MOUNTDOG, I hope you can find the ring light you want here. Thank you.