Ring lights are excellent light sources. The use of ring flash is very common in the fashion industry, and is often used to take photos of glamour. However, the ring flash used in high-end fashion photos is not cheap with the power supply. Fortunately, we now have some cheap options, and we can even DIY a simple ring light-as long as you have an ordinary ring light. In this article, we will talk about different ideas for using ring lights.

Used as filling light

The most common use of small ring lights is as a filling light source. The small ring light source is concentrated, and the light of the ring light is parallel to the optical axis of the lens, so in addition to providing auxiliary light, there are some very subtle effects. Adding the ring light will have an unexpected effect.

Used as a picture frame

At present, in some creative small videos, it is often seen that the photographer uses the ring light as the frame of the whole picture, but it is very attractive and attractive. Although this is not very important, you can use the ring flash as a frame in the photo-it can provide a perfect white circle. What’s more interesting is that with ultra-wide-angle lenses (such as 8mm fisheye), you can also use the edges of the ring flash to create more creative effects.

Brighten up the details of hard-light photos

First of all, we want to introduce what hard light is-the so-called hard light refers to strong direct light. Under hard lighting, the subject has a light-receiving surface, a backlight surface, and a shadow, which are the effective effects of forming the three-dimensional shape of the subject; the brightness distance between the light-receiving surface and the backlight surface of the hard-surface lighting is relatively large, and It is the inverse size of the scene, which can create a modeling effect with a strong contrast between light and dark, which is suitable for expressing rough surface texture; this modeling effect makes the lifted body form a clear contour image. This kind of light effect can achieve “power” and “hard” artistic effects. On the basis of hard light, we once again brightened the texture of the photo, took high-contrast photos, and used the ring light to perfect the details of the subject.

Create interesting eyesight

One of the most famous uses of ring flash is to create unique eye catches. Because the flash is ring-shaped, the catch light is also ring-shaped. If you want to try this effect, you need to pay attention to the distance between the flash and the model. The closer the distance, the better the lighting effect. Of course, if you are very keen on this effect, you might as well try to make the model wear a pair of sunglasses. Although using ring flash is not always useful, it is worth a try. In addition, you can also add some patterns to the ring flash.

Used as the main light

Of course, the ring flash can also be used as the main light source, even for single-lamp shooting. Pay attention to the gradually spreading shadows on the model from the center of the screen to the surroundings. The effect of this shooting is relatively soft, but it is very useful when there are no other photography tools. Many anchors currently use ring lights as their main lighting tool, which is highly recommended.

Used to take macro photos

If you want to take macro photos, the ring flash is a perfect tool. The light source of the ring flash is relatively average and can provide a perfect soft light effect. It is not easy to use flash to assist photography. Photographers often have to balance natural light and flash. Obvious shadows or overexposure will make the image look very abrupt. When photographers are shooting macro subjects, they will use flash to fill light from time to time, but when the lens is too close to a fine subject, there is a chance to block the light from the flash from reaching the subject and affect exposure. In addition, it is more difficult for photographers to capture satisfactory images under unbalanced lighting. At this time, the photographer can choose to use the ring flash. This special flash can provide uniform illumination for the subject. If used properly, the image will look unique.