Learn About the “Ring Light” that is Commonly Used by Anchors

“Live broadcast” may be the hottest topic this year, and more and more people want to participate. But how to stand out in the vast sea of live broadcasts has become a big problem. The light in the studio room directly affects the quality of the studio room, so the light in the studio room is particularly important. At present, many anchors are using selfie ring lights as a light supplement tool. What role does it play? As a beginner, how should you choose a ring light? Let’s take a look

The Role of Ring Lights

The usage of the ring light is very simple: place the light directly in front of the subject and the camera on the other side of the light. Especially when shooting headshots and face close-ups, the ring light can also create a special shape of circular eye catch light-this will undoubtedly make the eyes more energetic, but also make the face more uniform and fill the skin Light makes the skin more fair and smooth. Just shoot in the center of the circle, so the photos taken are often evenly exposed and have few shadows, which are deeply loved by the anchors.

There are many excellent LED ring light products on the market, which meet your requirements for ring lights as much as possible. In terms of size, the large-size ring light with stand source has a larger area, which can bring you a better light supplement effect; the small-size ring light with tripod is easy to carry, and the light supplement effect is relatively weak. And some ring lights can adjust the light mode, suitable for different scenes. If you want to broadcast efficiently and have more traffic, you can choose a multi-camera ring light. And some selfie ring light comes with bluetooth remote, it is compatible with IOS and Android so you don’t worry what phone you use.

How Do Novices Choose Ring Lights?

Ring Light Size

As a novice, we can choose some basic ring lights. First of all, the size of the lamp must be large enough. Some cameras also have a ring of LED lights, but the diameter of the light ring is too small, and it is almost indistinguishable from point light sources. We generally choose ring lights for live broadcasting, ranging from 6 inch ring light with stand to 18 inch ring light with stand.

Ring Light Brightness

The second is to choose as high a brightness as possible, so that people can be bright enough within the effective focus distance of the camera. Many ring lights on the market now have a convenient color temperature adjustment function. You can lower the color temperature when you want the picture to be warmer, and increase the color temperature when you want it to be whiter.

Color Rendering Index of Ring Light

Pay attention to the color rendering index of the ring light, some merchants have marked and some are not marked. If you want to be a blogger of beauty makeup, and have high requirements for color accuracy, then the color rendering index of your lamp should be above 95.

 Number of Ring Lights

The greater the number of LEDs, the greater the brightness and power. It is several times the brightness of traditional tungsten filament lamps. Therefore, when purchasing a ring light, you must pay attention to the actual number and power of the LED.