The photographic background cloth is called the background cloth. Background cloth is a must-have for indoor photography. There are monochrome background cloths and theme-based background cloths. Most of the time, the background cloth is a monochrome background cloth without a pattern. If you are not familiar with indoor photography in the choice of background cloth, try to choose simple colors such as gray, black and white as the background to make it easier to grasp. Fans, etc. can also be prepared. Create a better atmosphere. If you are equipped with audio, so that there is music when shooting, whether it is a sensual slow song or a cheerful fast song, it can help the subject to be more emotional, and it is also a kind of adjustment for the photographer’s work.

Background cloth for portrait shooting

For portrait shooting, choose different background fabrics according to the different shooting styles, effects, clothing, etc. you want. Among them, in the actual application of the background cloth for portrait photography, it also depends on the actual situation of the subject. For example, if the subject has a darker skin color, you can choose a lighter background cloth, and if the subject has a lighter skin color, you can choose a darker background cloth. Of course, the photographer’s character style and clothing color system should also choose different background cloth to match.

the background cloth for shooting items

If it is a shooting object, mainly light and solid colors. The photographic background cloth as a whole can be divided into pink, gray, camel, blue, beige, pearl jade, and white. These colors should also be matched with the background and the store, as well as with specific products. . The actual situation is actual operation, through many attempts to finally pick out the most suitable kind in this situation, it can be called the background cloth with the right color.

1. Make sure that the picture is neat and orderly. It is best to use a single color background cloth, but you can also use a color system of different shades for matching.

2. The background color must be a certain element, not too eye-catching and gorgeous. The most important part is the product. The product cannot be emphasized by the background cloth. The lower the background, the better. At the same time, choosing the right color can also play a role in setting off the atmosphere. Although there are many colors for the background cloth on the Internet, not every color that looks beautiful will be suitable for the pictures taken. After most people’s aesthetics, these colors are more satisfactory. I will give you an explanation.

the color recommendation of the background cloth

Pink: a simple color, suitable for young women’s products, such as girls’ wear, women’s accessories, cosmetics, and children’s products, etc.

Gray: a fashionable and stable color. Suitable for all men’s products, such as men’s clothing, men’s accessories, shoes, digital products, etc.

Camel: a fashionable color, suitable for fashion, a little European and American style clothing, men and women can be used.

Blue: A capable and healthy color, personal experience, very good for shooting men’s accessories. Suitable for accessories, games, toys, etc.

Beige: A relatively simple and versatile color, which can set off the theme very well and is suitable for more complex outfits.

Pearl Jade: A simple and warm color, the love of women’s clothing, a very soft color, which can highlight the baby harmoniously.

Of course, monotone background cloth is commonly used, but it will inevitably appear monotonous. If you need different shooting effects, you can also choose according to the photographer’s own wishes, the purpose is to shoot good results.